WASP's Costumes from 1964 to 1972
(from the beginnings to Avengers#100)

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Jun 1963 - Tales To Astonish#44 - The first Wasp's costume by Jack Kirby and the first used in the Avengers' stories. Used in many consecutive issues with little variations. For other  Wasp's appearances with this costume in the Marvel Universe see Tales To Astonish#46, Fantastic Four#16, Avengers#1. If you want to see the mis-coloured version by Jim Starlin then click here (from the cover of Marvel Feature #8).


Sep 1963 - Tales to Astonish#47 - Nothing of very different but the shorties: in a couple of tables they has a few of "Wasp-down". An original idea by Don Heck. The villain is also original: Trago the man with the magic trumpet! And his master: Ghazandi! An old, indian mystic, with the power to read the other's thougths, to hypnotize using the eyes and the music, too.


Sep 1964 - Tales to Astonish#59 - If you would bother Janet while she is walking with Hank, you should immediately change idea... or you would be hung on a street-lamp. The bad guy is the Human Top, who instigates Hulk to fight against Giant-Man. Therefore, Giant-Man cannot convince the Green Goliath to re-enter in the Avengers' rosters.

Note: Wasp can communicate with Giant-Man using their cybernetic helmets, at a big distance and while she is riding an atomic missile.

Nov 2007 - Avengers Classic#6- Is Wasp tha spare wheel of the Avengers? She feels so, ans sometime she needs to be alone. Suddenly more immediate problems will drive away her attention.

Janet is still assuming a pill for shrinking, and the street clothes shrinks with her.

1983 - Incredible Hulk Annual#12 - Bruce Banner remembers the first days of Hulk as an Avenger, and Wasp has this costume?

A costume never seen in other issues, probably because Banner memories are filtered through Hulk's eye of years before.


Jan 1965 - Avengers#12 - Here we can see some little changes from the original costume. An almost equal version was used in Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual '97 fighting Sunrise.

In Avengers#16 she takes a leave and is not on the roster for the issues #17/25.


Mar 1966 - Avengers#26/28 - After the fight with Sub-Mariner, captured by Attuma. The ship was in the Ocean, and the distance from the coast was very long, so Wasp had to stop to rest, re-growing to human size. From this issue on Wasp returned to full status member of the Avengers.

The costume is a bathsuit,, the same also used in Tales to Astonish #78.

Janet captive of Attuma on the cover of Avengers #26.

Jun 1966 - Avengers #29 - Wasp vs... a bird! Betrayed by a... slender tree branch!


Jul 1966 - Avengers#30 - A particular cap that doesn't hide Janet's long hairs.

This version of costume will be used in Avengers#32/38 and over, but without cap. A slight different version was used in the Avengers/JLA crossover.



Oct 1967 - Avengers#45 - A new model of costume for Janet. She confesses to her admirers that she needed 3 hours to find it! Just the right way to make Hank jealous.
Powerful enemy of the story: the Super-Adaptoid!

Ave048a.gif Ave048b.gif

Jan 1968 - Avengers#48 - - Avengers#48 - The costume on the cover is very similar to the second one shown at the left. In the first part of the story Janet wears a beautiful red dress.


Jul 1997 - Uncanny Origins #11 - In this issue the origins of the modern Black Knight, Dane Whitman, are re-told . Original hand, not my favourite kind of drawing, but not so bad.

Note: this costume should be the second of the previous two, but an error in the coloration... 


Feb 1968 - Avengers#49/50 - The Magneto's menace! Pietro and Wanda follows the powerful mutant! And more, an EPIC battle between titans and gods: Typhoon vs Hercules!
Hank does not succeed in using his growing powers. Is Goliath finished for ever? But Janet dreams that this situation could convince Hank to leave the Avengers, so they can marry.


Apr 1968 - Captain America #100 Cover - Many Avengers on this cover, but in the story appears Captain America only, with the Black Panther, who was not an Avenger, at that time. The Wasp's costume is an old costume, because the costumes of the other Avengers are old too.



Apr 1968 - Avengers#51 - Is this a costume? Janet shrank, flew and fought the Collector's creatures wearing it... for me it became a battle costume. OK.
Hank is a giant anymore! Thanks to a manipulation of the Collector, a magic storm of the Mjolnir, and a little help of Tony Stark, Hank is able to grow up to 7 meters and an half... in 15 minutes.
Final note: the Black Panther enter in the team thanks to a recommendation of Capitain America.


May 1968 - Avengers#52 - Hawkeye, Giant-Man and Wasp are dead, and the assassin is the Black Panther! But the Wakandian King does not passively wait the policemen's investigations and flees. 


Jul 1968 - Avengers#53 - The Masters of EVIL!!! Klaw, the Living Laser, Melter and the Radioactive Man beats the Avengers with the help of... Jarvis? But who is the Crimson Hood?


Aug 1968 - Avengers#55 - This costume will be used in the future, many many times, and also with little variations on the basic model.

The costumes also appears in Avengers#59, #65, #66 and Avengers King Size #2.


2001 - Poster - Art by Paul Ryan. Scan found on the Internet. The Avengers vs Ultron and lots of other super-heros vs their classic enemies. The formation of the Avengers is: Black Panther, Hawkeye with his old purple costume, Goliath with his red/blue costume and Wasp. The Vision is not shown, but the precence of Ultron suggest to place the scene just in Avengers #57 (oct '68).

Jan 2012 - Avengers Origins: Vision - The origins of the Vision are retold and modified, and the history of the Avengers, too. Janet was already missing Hank, who is working with Reed Richards. 

Wasp fought the Vision with a costume very different from the yellow-red classic one, a Sersi's costume! Years before meeting her.

Janet has just discovered that Hank created Ultron, and it is trying to kill them!

Oct 1968 - Avengers#57 - The first is a wonderful story drawn by John Buscema. Wasp wears boots, but images do not show their colour.
In Essential Avengers #3 Back Cover, Janet seems without stockings and with short boots or shoes.
In Avengers: Earth Mighties Heroes vol. 2 #1, we can see the whole costume.

Dec 2006 - Avengers: Earth Mighties Heroes vol. 2 #2/4 - Light-grey, dark-gray or blue gray? Different colours, same model of the costume from Avengers#45.

Mar 2007 - Avengers: Earth Mighties Heroes vol. 2 #5/6 - Scarlet Witch! No, she is not, she actually is Janet! Maybe all Janet's costumes were dirty so she asked to Wanda to lend her one of her suits? No, the costume is only one of the variations on the theme introduced in Avengers #45. Also used in another timeline, during the Sentry's funeral in The Age of the Sentry#6. But it is the costume which Janet wore when she was kissed for the first time by Yellowjacket!

~ * ~

January 1969 Avengers#60

* ~ *

98msa82.jpg - Hank "kisses the bride"

And in Avengers #61/62 the honeymoon!


??? - Avengers Index #3 Cover - This costume is supposed to have been used when the Avengers fought Ymir and Surtur in Avengers #61, but Janet and Hank were still on honeymoon during those events.

Note the similarity with the "Christmas" costume few rows before.

ave063c.gif ave063a.gif

Apr 1969 - Avengers #63 - The newly-married couple is back! But Goliath doesn't re-enter in the Avengers... Yellowjacket does it!

...my stingers are more powerful...I can shrink to the ant-size...and my artificial wings allow me to fly!

Janet made a new Goliath's costume for Hank and Hank made a new, powerful, growth serum that he shall not use... the new Goliath is ready to born!


Jun 1969 - Avengers #65 - A variation on the "theme" of Avengers #63? A pleated skirt, no belt, different gloves and boots, red collar...for me is the same costume!


Aug 1969 - Captain America #116 - The penciler is Gene Colan again, but there are many particulars that makes this costume different enough to be a new model. The Avengers must fight the Red Skull who is looking for their help! But Yellowjacket, Goliath (Clint Burton), Vision and obviously Wasp easily defeat and imprison him. And where is Captain America? He is in danger of being fired by Sharon Carter. Everything is possible if you possess a Cosmic Cube... 

Ave068c.gifAve068a.gif Avg1068c.jpg - Janet in her classic yellow/red costume, from the cover of Avengers Vol.1 #68.Ave068b.gif

Sep 1969 - Avengers #68 - Janet wears two different costumes. The third (the green one), better drawn by S. Buscema than me is wonderful; the second one has the shirt that changes colour from panel to panel.

But there is a first costume on the cover, the most classic yellow/red (sometimes orange), and this costume does not appear in the story. I choose this costume as different from the one on Avengers #55, because of the collar, the different boots, the missing "scales" effect of the shirt, and the missing shapes on the hips. Other appearances of this costume: Marvel Feature #6/7 (but only on the covers), Marvel Team-Up #59/60 (wrong on the covers), Avengers #165/166, #178, #180, #218, #224, #234 Cover, Ms Marvel #18 Cover, Incredible Hulk #278, Avengers West Coast #61 Cover.

Incredible: Janet says that she is worried because she has nothing to wear!


Oct 1969 - Avengers #69/71 - Battle with the Growing Man for Tony Stark's life. Kang, the GrandMaster, the Sinister Squadron, THE INVADERS!!! Again, big art by Sal Buscema and Sam Grainger!
Note: this is the first part of a "delayed" cross-over. The second part is in Invaders Annual #1 printed in 1977. Delayed because printed 8 years after!


Dec 1969 - Avengers #71 - Just in the last cartoon! And probably on the cover of Avengers #72. See above.

ave072c.gif ave072.gif

Jan 1970 - Avengers#72 - On the cover and in the story. Skorpio! The Avengers vs the  Zodiac! Nick Fury! S.Buscema/Grainger are great!

In Avengers#75 she takes a leave, she will not be on the roster in issues 76/82, 84/89 and 92/99.


Dec 19?? - Official Marvel Index to the Avengers#4 Cover - That's incredible how many versions of this costume are. This is identical to the previous one on the cover, but with little different particulars.


Jan 1970 - Captain America#121 - In the story there is only one cartoon showing Janet. She is in the Avengers' mansion with Yellowjacket and the Black Panther and all they meet the Professor Silas X. Cragg.


Jun 1972 - Avengers#100 - At least something different! But just 2 (two) cartoons showing the Wasp (one of these a double splash page!). Cover and art by Barry Smith (WOW!).
Not on roster for the issues #101/136.

Link to the Cover of Avengers #100 (108 Kb)





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